Feeling exhausted from giving 100% of yourself all the time?

I get it, I've been there myself. The good news is, you don't have to feel this way.

Knowing your body's unique cyclical rhythm and the moon's rhythm is the first step in optimizing your productivity so you aren't on the verge of burnout every day, month or season.

When you begin to track your rhythms, you'll always know when to plan projects, when to produce results, when to tie up loose ends, and when to rest...without guilt.

Find Your Flow

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    Cathy Struecker

    Energetic Rhythms Coach

    Yoga Teacher

    Podcast Host

    Who am I?

    I began tracking my own cycle back before my 3 lively kiddos entered the picture and my husband and I were struggling with fertility. It was around this time that I also began tuning into the moon's effect on energy, noticeably at the full moon.

    Adopting a daily yoga practice along with beginning to track my energetic tendencies helped me relax my anxiousness enough that I became pregnant with our first child without fertility treatment.

    So when the idea that, as women, we are cyclical and renew monthly instead of daily came into my awareness, it changed my outlook on life completely.

    It gave me a new sense of freedom--rather than feeling the need to always push through when life felt heavy (even when all I wanted to do was rest), I was able to relax into the periods of time that called for rest without feeling guilty for not doing as much, trusting that the downtime lead me to using my higher energy times more efficiently and productively.

    Thus, I began to implement these practices into what I was already teaching as a yoga teacher and health coach. And because of this, the Energetic Rhythms tracker was born.

    This is the basic version of my Energetic Rhythms tracker will get you started discovering your own patterns!